Phancee is a Womens Clothing Boutique located in Nashville, TN. We have been servicing the Fashion industry for 10 years. Phancee offers a wide range of items that we personally handpick in order to enhance creativity and individuality. We  offer custom items such as tshirts, hats, glasses and accessories.

Our mission is to change women’s lives through fashion. We are a firm believer that if you look good, you will feel good and that starts with us. 

Our motto for all women are You are Worth it, You are Enough! 

We look forward to servicing your fashion and social needs.


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We Do Care About You


Customer service is our top priority. We understand that ordering online can be tricky. Please use the contact us form to send us a message or ask any questions. We can also be reached via email at, or visit one of our social media pages for questions you may have. 


Remember you are our top priority. Most of our clothing runs true to size, but when it doesn’t, we will make sure to put it in the description box in order to provide you with a better shopping experience.