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  • Motivational Advice Therapy

    SubtitIt is a person that gives Motivational Advice to those that is seeking growth, change, stability, and transparent advice. This person will partner with you to help you make Mentally Healthy and sound decisions that will impact your life in order to enhance your physical, emotional and mental well being. The advice that you will be given will allow you to reflect back over the decisions that you’ve made and if those decisions has helped you to gain peace of mind, stability and growth. Unlike traditional counseling, the Motivational Adviceologist might make the decision for you or force you to make a decision that you may be hesitant about making. Every decision made will be one that will not cause harm or danger to yourself or others, but it will provide you with a safe space to move on with your life in a more positive direction. Why Use Me: 1. Confidential & Personal Motivational Sessions 2. One on One Life Lesson Plan 3. Self Reflection Activities to help you grow 4. Enhanced Motivational Thinking Techniques 5. Mentally Challenging but Healthy 6. The ability to make you face reality 7. Lifelong Coach & Advice Connoisseur 8. One free Conflict Resolution Session- Mediation 9. Alternative Mentally Healthy Journey 10. The Ability to Make you see Clearer!

  • Personal Styling Service

    Outfit Creation and Wardrobe Styling. I come to you with several outfits after our initial phone consultation

  • Private Shopping with Phancee

    $25 Booking Deposit goes towards purchase only Tis the Seasoning to be Phancee! We are now accepting Private Shopping Appointments! Pay a $25 deposit to secure your spot. All Booked appointments with a deposit will recieve 30% off their $150 Purchase or 15% off their entire purchase. Custom items are excluded from Sale. Deposits will be put towards your purchase. Book online at

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  • Fashion | Phancee' | Gallatin

    LET'S GO SHOPPING Welcome to our store, where you can find unique and different outfits for your every need. Phancee offer a variety of products which includes clothes, accessories, and custom cultural apparel. Phancee’s also offers a Fashion Box program which is a more flexible shopping option for women looking to upgrade their closet. At Phancee, we want to make sure you look as good as you feel. Take a look at our collection and enjoy shopping online with Phancee'. OUR COLLECTION Phancee Dress Phancee Shoes Pri'zie Kels Tumblers Phancee Fashion Box Custom T-shirt Book an event with us Best Seller Phancee’s Fashion Box $89.99 Price Excluding Sales Tax | Phancee Shipping VIEW DETAIL OUR SERVICES Motivational Advice Therapy 1 hr 150 US dollars $150 BOOK NOW Ask Phancee 30 min 30 US dollars $30 BOOK NOW Personal Styling Service 1 hr 125 US dollars $125 BOOK NOW 300 Motivation Life Rules $9.99 Price Excluding Sales Tax VIEW DETAIL

  • | Phancee

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